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Related article: Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2006 15:19:45 -0400 From: Mark Cantrell Subject: After The Caribbean Cruise: Part FiveThis story is totally fictional, although it uses the characters from 'Caribbean Cruise' located in Gay Male/Encounters Section. It is my first effort at writing a story with a predominately bisexual theme. Some of the sexual scenes do not portray safe sex. Just remember...ALWAYS practice safe sex in REAL life.After The Caribbean Cruise: Part FiveA few days after the stimulating session with Adrian and Mary, Gerald and I decided to play a round of golf. I had managed to get an early tee time at the local club I belonged to. I was a fairly descent golfer, having the opportunity to play year round. Gerald didn't have the same chances to play as me. His schedule at Michigan State University interfered as well as the short summer season. Still, he was pretty good...especially using rental equipment.We were paired up with two guys who were from Illinois...Indiana...Iowa...Idaho...Well...ONE of those states that start with an 'I'. They introduced themselves as Jack Carter and Simon Reynolds. I got the distinct impression they were a little MORE than just friends or co workers.Gerald and I were partners in a best ball match, so we could help each other in case one of us had a bad shot. Jack and Simon started off winning the first two holes, then we halved the next four. On the seventh hole, Gerald chipped in from off the green, winning the hole for us and putting us only one down. The eighth was halved, but Simon birdied the ninth and we made the turn two down.On the back nine Jack and Simon were getting a little cocky. We halved the tenth, but only because I got lucky and put my third shot on the par four hole eighteen inches from the pin. leaving Gerald with an easy par putt.Finally, Jack and Simon made one too many wisecracks. On hole thirteen Gerald and I challenged them to double the bet, and they greedily accepted. Gerald and I won four of the next five holes to finish two UP.The four of us stopped for a couple of drinks in the clubhouse to rub it in to our chagrined couple. In the course of the conversation, Jack asked if Gerald and I were a 'couple'."No...we just like to fuck each other!" Gerald popped off. I almost choked on my drink. I swear...I was learning how Julie felt around Betty.Jack and Simon laughed and confirmed my earlier suspicions that they were a 'couple.'"Actually we met at a golf tournament. Simon was a volunteer scorekeeper walking with two pro golfers and I was a spectator following one of the Pros. It didn't take long before I was more interested in watching Simon than I was in the Pros.""I started noticing Jack," Simon said. "We made eye contact and I saw what I hoped was interest in his eyes."Jack added, "I knew I would like to get to know him better, but I figured he wouldn't be interested in an older guy...I'm ten years older than Simon. Anyway, I followed him the rest of the round and after he turned in his scorecard to the trailer, he saw me still standing around.""Jack looked shocked when I asked him if he would like to have a drink together. We spent the afternoon talking and...To make a long story short...We ended up spending the night together in his hotel room.""Simon moved in with me a month later. That was five years ago and we've been together ever since," Jack said, "We've become partners in business as well as in life."They hinted they would be interested in playing, so I invited them to my place. Jack said they were staying in a timeshare in Boca and were tied up the rest of this week, but could be available the next week. I gave them my address and phone number and we shook hands and left them to head on back to my beach house.When we arrived, Betty met us at the door with a big grin. "C'mon in guys...I've got a surprise for you!"We followed her into the Great Room and Betty said, "Guys, meet Charlene...Charlie!"I looked where she was indicating and on the sofa sat the most beautiful black girl I had ever seen!The vision of loveliness uncurled long, shapely legs and stood up to walk toward us. She was tall...about 5'7" or so and moved like a cat! She appeared to be in her mid to late thirties. I was mesmerized by the ebony goddess and stared like a school boy.Those gorgeous legs were topped by a pair of pale blue short shorts. Rounded hips turned into a narrow waist and a bare flat stomach. A white halter top concealed a pair of what HAD to be at least 38DD breasts. A deep cleavage separated the two firm mounds which jiggled enticingly as she moved.When I finally forced my eyes away from those yummy globes, I was met by a pair of big brown eyes that had a distinctive Oriental slant to them. Her mixed heritage was further displayed in the thin, turned up nose and soft lips that were stretched over a beautiful smile.She was laughing...knowing the effect she was having on me.Betty introduced us saying, "The ugly one on the left is my husband Gerald and the one with his tongue hanging out is Jordan.""Hey!" Gerald protested as he took the offered hand.I closed my open mouth.Charlie extended her hand to Gerald and said, "Oh Betty...I think he's cute!"Gerald swallowed, obviously quite taken by her. He unconsciously held her hand until Charlie gently extracted her self.She then turned to ME and I took her hand. An electric shock went through me...Her hand felt hot in mine. I continued to hold her hand, but she made no effort to let go either."So YOU'RE Jordan!" She said in a husky voice. "Betty has told me quite a bit about YOU! According to her, I'd better watch out for myself!""I...Err...That is...Betty...She...Ahh..." I had suddenly lost the ability to speak coherently!Charlie's laugh sent chills through me. She replied, "Is he always this shy Betty? That's not the impression I got from your description.""I...Err...That is...Betty...She...Ahh..." Damn! I sure knew how to impress a lady!Betty Lolitas High Pthc came over and gently extracted Charlie from my death grip. She put her arm around her waist and said, "Charlie and I met on the beach this morning and hit it off immediately. While you two were busy doing your macho guy golf...Thingamajig...Charlie and I were busy getting...'Acquainted', RIGHT Baby?""Oh Yes...getting REALLY acquainted...Several times," Charlie replied throatily as she turned to put her arms around Betty's neck and kissed her, letting us see her pink tongue reach out and circle Betty's lips, before fusing their mouths together.Gerald and I watched dumbfounded as the kiss continued. Betty's hand reached to cover the tip of one of Charlie's tits, plucking at the nipple until it rose up into a hard peak, straining against the cloth of the halter top.Charlie moaned at the contact and humped her pelvis against Betty's thigh which was between her legs.When they broke apart, Betty looked at us and said, "Charlie and I have lots of similar 'interests'. She ALSO likes to play...And she sure has proved that the last three hours."Charlie added, "We've been talking...""When our mouths weren't otherwise 'engaged!" Betty interjected.Charlie continued, "We've been talking and...Well..We were wondering...How should I put it...Would you guys like to, maybe...Get in a few MORE holes?"Gerald and I came out of our trances and looked at each other."I...Err...I ne...Ne...Need a sho...Shower," I stuttered..."Right...Shower...Need One!"Gerald mumbled, "Yeah...Shower...Need a shower! We'd...Ah...We'd better...Go...Shower!""We'll keep the motor running boys...Don't be long," Betty teased as she and Charlie returned to their passionate kissing.Gerald and I practically RAN toward our separate bedrooms while still trying to watch the two sexy women. First, Gerald tripped over the throw rug in front of his door...Then, I ran into the wall beside MY door.The girls looked up and laughed at our clumsiness. "Careful guys," Betty teased," Charlie and I would prefer you didn't kill yourselves BEFORE we get through with you!"I must have set a world's record for showering. I jumped into a pair of shorts, threw on a shirt, and hurried back into the Great Room. Gerald was just coming out the door from his room and both of us stopped to stare.The gals were on the sofa still kissing. However, they were now both naked. Charlie was fingering Betty's pussy and she was moaning loudly. Her hand was squeezing one of Charlie's large breasts.Betty pulled her mouth away and let her head fall back as she screamed, "Oh YESSS, Baby...I'm Cumming...Unnnggh...Don't stop...You're making me cum!"Her body jerked as her orgasm overcame her. Charlie dropped her head and took Betty's nipple in her mouth as she continued to rapidly plunge her fingers into Betty. She used her thumb to tease the swollen clit as Betty groaned through a second climax!Charlie quickly moved to kneel between Betty's legs and replaced her fingers with her lips, sucking on her clit. Betty shuddered and began experiencing one orgasm after another. Her hands were squeezing her breasts and her head was thrashing from side to side. She had to bite her lip to keep from screaming out.Finally, Betty grasped Charlie's shoulders and firmly pushed her away from her dripping cunt. "GOD Baby," She groaned, "You're driving me CRAZY! Switch places with me and give me a taste of that pussy of yours.""Oh Yess," Charlie hissed, "I need to cum bad. Eat my pussy." She moved to lay back on the sofa, her hips hanging over the edge and her legs opened. Her swollen lips were visible through the thick curly bush surrounding her pussy. Betty wasted no time moving in.She used her thumbs to open Charlie's outer lips, letting Gerald and I get a look at her pink labia and rather large, protruding clitoris. Betty slowly leaned in and licked Charlie's slit from top to bottom."Ohhhhh...Ohhhhhh...Oh Yes...Yes...Yesssss...That's SO good," Charlie groaned and humped her hips up and down.Betty slipped two fingers into Charlie's slick vagina, while taking her engorged clit between her lips, sucking it gently and teasing it with her tongue.Charlie's body jerked frantically as she threw her head back and gasped, "Ahhhh...Oh Yes...Oh Yes...I'm cumming Baby...I'm cumming...Mmmmm...Mmmmmm." She was squeezing both of her tits as her orgasm enveloped her.Betty's face and chin were covered with juices as she moved her head from side to side and buried her tongue into the sweet depths of Charlie's cunt, lapping up the sweet nectar flowing freely.When Charlie's body finally stopped shuddering, Betty removed her face from the dripping pussy. The two girls looked over at Gerald and me...Froze for a second...Then burst out laughing.We had dropped our shorts and now stood there. We had a cardboard square hanging from our erect cocks...With a big '10' scrawled on it. We were applauding their performance."Sadly, I don't think this will EVER become an Olympic event," Gerald remarked."Probably not," I replied with a straight face, "But I definitely thought it was Olympic quality and worth a perfect TEN!"Gerald and I clenched our ass muscles, making our cocks bounce, which caused the cardboard signs to jump up and down. The girls fell all over themselves laughing so hard.Betty was on her back, with her hands over her stomach. "Stop!" She giggled, "St...Stop...I'm hurting here...STOP!"Charlie, likewise was rolling around laughing so hard, tears were rolling down her cheeks. "Oh...Oh You...You Two...That's...That's Pre...Oh my SIDES! That's...So Bad!"Still laughing, Betty crawled on hands and knees until she was in front of Gerald. She reached out to stroke his cock while trying to regain her composure. "Just wait You...You...Oh you crazy MAN!" She yanked the sign off causing Lolitas High Pthc Gerald to yelp, but his concern changed to moans as Betty took his cock into her mouth and used her hands to fondle his balls.Meanwhile, Charlie was still lying on her back with a big grin on her face. She crooked a finger at me, and croaked, "C'mere you Bad Boy you. Time to get what's coming to you!" I quickly discarded MY sign. When I reached her, she grabbed my arms and pulled me down beside her.I goosed her and she squealed, trying to cover up and protect her ticklish spots, while also trying to retaliate. We rolled around, laughing and trying to see who was the most vulnerable. Our bodies were rubbing against each other and I felt her tits mash against my chest, while my hard cock kept brushing against her curly bush.All of a sudden, we found ourselves face to face. The smiles faded and our faces took on a totally serious look. I slowly lowered my lips and Charlie's eyes followed them, closing as I neared and her own lips opened as we made contact.Her lips were just as soft and kissable as I had imagined. The kiss deepened and her tongue slipped out to trace the outline of my mouth. When I opened my lips, she took the invitation and let her tongue enter and dance over my teeth and gums. I sucked on it and rolled my tongue around hers. My arms went around her waist, as hers encircled my neck, pulling me closer.I could feel her rigid nipples burning a hole in my chest. I moved one hand to caress her firm ass.Charlie moaned into our open mouths as she pushed her pelvis into my groin, rubbing my throbbing cock. I lost myself in those soft lips and smooth thighs and firm breasts. I was swept away by the sheer sexuality of this beautiful woman.Gerald and Betty were in a 69, frantically licking and sucking. Betty was moaning and her body shuddered as she experienced almost non stop orgasms.Charlie and I continued kissing and grinding our crotches together. I moved my hand to one of her breasts and trapped the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Charlie groaned into my mouth as the nipple hardened into a rigid peak.I left her mouth and licked my way down her neck and over the upper slopes of her gorgeous mounds. I took the other nipple in my mouth and teased it with my tongue and teeth."Ooooo...Oh Yesss Jordan," She whispered hoarsely, "Suck them for me...I Love how it feels...Mmmmm!"While I alternated between those magnificent tits, I ran my hand down over her flat stomach into her thick, curly pubic hair. I rubbed my Lolitas High Pthc fingers through the thick bush, then slid a finger into her very wet slit and ran it up and down the entire length.Charlie raised her hips and moaned as I found her swollen clit and circled it with just the tip of my finger. Her hips rotated with my manipulations and her fingers dug into my shoulders as an intense orgasm rippled through her body."Ohhhhhhhh...You made me cum, She gasped, "You're driving me up the WALL!"As much as I was enjoying mouthing her breasts, I wanted to taste her, so I moved my tongue slowly over the smooth surface of her midsection, causing her to suck in her belly. My hand left her slick labia and moved down to stroke the inside of her legs.When I reached her pubic area and used my teeth to gently pull on the hair there, Charlie opened hers legs, anticipating where I was headed.She groaned in frustration when I skirted just outside the edge of her pussy and continued on down over the outside of one thigh. When I reached her knee, I started back up on the inside of her leg."Ahhhhhh...Oh, God...Don't tease me any longer Jordan...Please!" Charlie begged.I didn't disappoint her. When my tongue reached her pubic area, I moved over her Lolitas High Pthc to lie between her open thighs. She raised her knees slightly and I reached under and around her legs, bringing my hands together on her bush.Charlie had raised up onto her elbows and was watching my mouth approach her wet core. Her pink tongue licked her lips as she moaned.I opened her outer lips with my fingers and gently blew hot air onto the surface of her clit and inner walls. A quick intake of breath told me she liked the sensation.Not wanting to make her wait any longer, I pushed my face into her pussy and rubbed her engorged clit with the flat of my tongue. The instant she felt the contact, she screamed and orgasmed again. I had to hang on to keep from being bucked off by her gyrations. Her juices coated my mouth and chin. I LOVED her taste."Unnnggh...Unnnggh...Oh...Oh...Yes...Yes...Yessss...Cumming...I'm cumming," Charlie managed to get out in between gasps. She fell back and bit her lip as the sensations continued. Her fingers squeezed her breasts.When her climax had eased, she put her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed. "God Jordan...Stop...Let me REST for a moment...I can't take this...I'll pass out if you don't stop."I smiled and moved up her body to kiss her gently as she struggled to regain her breath. She licked her juices from my chin and around my mouth, then let me taste them by inserting her tongue in MY mouth."Mmmmm...Why don't we continue this in my bed," I suggested. "I can't wait to get inside you.""Oh Yes...Please...I want to taste your cock and have you put it in me," Charlie whispered."If you two will excuse us," I said to Gerald and Betty...Who were still going at it, "Charlie and I are going to get comfortable."I reached down and picked Charlie up in my arms and kissed her gently as I headed for my bedroom."Oh, MY," She giggled, "Take me to your bed and do with me as you will, you BRUTE you!"As I turned to go through my bedroom door, I noticed Gerald and Betty also heading for THEIR room.I laid Charlie gently onto my Lolitas High Pthc bed and stood there a moment to gaze at her loveliness. She raised her arms above her head, causing her firm breasts to rise enticingly. Her dark areolas were silver dollar sized and the surfaces were covered with bumps from her excitement. They were capped in the center by nipples that were about a half inch in diameter and were standing out almost a full inch. She drew up one leg bending it slightly at the knee.She smiled at me and said in a husky voice, "See anything you like?""Oh...I see a couple of things that I think I'd better check out."I leaned over and pressed my lips to hers. Then I kissed each of those very prominent nipples. Finally, I nuzzled her pubic bush and kissed her swollen clitoris that peeked out of the soft curly hair.Charlie hissed and sucked in her breath. Her moans grew more insistent as I licked her pussy."Ohhh...Jordan...I want to taste you," She groaned, "Please...Come here."She urged me onto my back, then proceeded to repeat the same exquisite torture on me that I had put HER through.Lying between my legs, she took my cock in her hand as she started by kissing my lips, then sucked on my nipples until I was squirming. She licked down over my abs and nuzzled my pubic hair. Just as I had done to her...She bypassed my throbbing rod to lick down the outside of my thighs and back up the inside."You're CRUEL...You know that?" I groaned.Charlie looked up and grinned, "Payback is HELL Ain't it?""OK...OK...I deserved that," I admitted. "So, will you PLEASE stop messing around and DO IT!"She kept smiling at me for a few more seconds, then...Looking me directly in the eyes, stuck out her long pink tongue and oh-so-slowly, licked the tip of my cock! My hips shot up, trying to get more of it into her mouth, but she wouldn't give me that yet.Charlie continued kissing and licking the Lolitas High Pthc tip of my dick. She caused goosebumps to break out all over me as she licked my hot spot...That spot where the underside of the head joins the body of the shaft."Ahhhh...Oooooo...That's Nice," I croaked hoarsely,..."So good Baby...Mmmmmmm!"When her lips and tongue kissed and licked the length of the underside of my cock, precum began leaking out of the slit at the tip. Charlie quickly slurped it up.Finally, she opened her mouth wider and swallowed me all the way. Her nose was nuzzling my pubic hair and her hand was gently squeezing my balls. A finger rubbed over my perineum and teased the edge of my ass crack.When she started bobbing on my cock, I had to concentrate hard not to cum. This lady was one hell of a cocksucker."Ahhh...Oh Yeah...Mmmmm!" I groaned, "Please...Turn around Baby...I want to taste your sweet pussy some more."Without losing contact on my dick, Charlie swung around and straddled my chest, bringing her pussy over my hungry mouth. I could see her puffy outer lips, and her swollen clit pulsated as it protruded from her bush. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her down to me burying my face in her wetness.I spread her ass cheeks and licked from the bottom of her pussy to the beginning of her ass crack. When I streatched my neck so that I could tease her tight little rosebud she wiggled her ass and grunted.I wet my finger in her pussy juices, then put it against her ass ring. I ran it around the Lolitas High Pthc edge a few times, then pressed against the center and let my finger slip in to the first knuckle."Mmmpph...Mmmmm," She moaned around my dick. Her hips moved to rub her pussy over my face. I felt her cum again and my mouth was flooded with her sweet juices. I licked and sucked and teased her ass until she gushed yet again.We pleasured each other until our bodies were covered in a fine layer of persperation. I couldn't wait any longer. I had been aching to get my cock inside her all evening. It was time.I patted her sweet ass cheeks and rolled her over. I turned around and kissed her as I moved between her open legs.Charlie was breathing heavily when I pulled my lips away. She Looked at me and said, "My GOD...What you were doing to me...I've never been...fingered there...Never! It made me cum SO hard!""I couldn't resist," I said slyly. "You've got a really cute ass and I just had to do it.""You are just FULL of surprises, aren't you?" She whispered smiling, "Do you have any MORE for me?""Well, maybe a couple," I answered, "There IS something I've been wanting to give you"Charlie reached between us and grasped my cock. "Ooooo...What do we have HERE? Is THIS what you're talking about? Can I have it?""Baby," I muttered through thick lips, "You can have ALL of it you want!""Oooooo...That sounds so NAUGHTY," She giggled, Do you think it will fit?""Well, I don't KNOW," I teased, "Let's find OUT!"Charlie put it against the opening to her pussy. I pushed against her opening and looked down to watch the tip spread her outer lips open as it slowly started to slide in.She hissed through clenched teeth, then groaned and looked at Lolitas High Pthc me when I stopped with just the tip in her. I wanted to ram it in her in one thrust, but I resisted, teasing her just a little longer."Ohhh...You RAT!" She groaned, "Don't you DARE play with me anymore...I want you IN me...I want you in me NOW...Please Jordan...Fuck me...It's all yours...Take it!""OK Baby," I whispered, "No more games." I increased the pressure and my cock slowly slid into her warm, wet, velvety tunnel, not stopping until our pubic hair meshed together and my balls bounced against her ass.Charlie climaxed instantly as I bottomed out. Her pussy gripped my dick and her inner muscles rippled along the entire length like a soft glove. Her body shuddered and she pulled me down for a passionate tongue filled kiss.I stayed buried in her, soaking in her juices. The feeling was so intense I wanted to stay like this forever. I kissed her eyes...Her nose...Her mouth. We exchanged soft words of love as we shared our passion.Charlie however, had OTHER ideas. She started rotating her hips causing my dick to rub against all her hot spots, and making me groan.I stood it as long as I could, then I started to pull out slowly. I stopped when her tight ring squeezed the ridge of my cock head, then pushed back in just as slowly. The sound of our coupling echoed through the room.My actions began to go faster as Charlie rotated her hips, giving me a different angle on every thrust. Our pelvic mounds slapped together and our moans grew louder.I leaned over and kissed her again. I could feel my climax building and I knew it wouldn't be long. Before I lost it, I wanted to try one more thing.I reached under her and raised her hips. I put a pillow under her, raising her body and felt my dick sink even deeper. I reached under her legs and put them over my shoulders.Now she was bent almost double and I was plowing her pussy deeper with every stroke. Charlie groaned and shuddered as another orgasm hit.In this position, her ass was also raised and I could see her hole that I had fingered. I wanted to fuck her in her ass.While Charlie was still coming down from her latest climax, Lolitas High Pthc I pulled out of her dripping pussy. I was so hard and wet with her juices, I didn't even have to use my hand. I let the head of my dick slide down until it was resting against her rosebud.Before she realized my intentions, I pushed and her ass opened and my cock slipped into her tight hole almost half way, before I stopped.Charlie's eyes popped wide open. Her mouth dropped open and her breath sucked in...I waited for her reaction."Ohhhhhhh,"She gasped, "What...What are you...DOING? Oh...Oh...You're...You've got your...""I've got my cock in your sweet little ass," I finished her sentence. "I'm going to fuck you in your ass Baby...I'm going to fuck you and make you cum again. Get ready...I'm almost all the way in."Her hands were pushing against my hips, trying to stop me. "No...Oh NO...I...I've never...Never...Done this. Oh God...It's so BIG...You'll split me in two!""No I won't...I PROMISE...It'll be alright...Just relax...I'll go slow. If you STILL want me to stop, I promise I will."I pushed gently and another inch of my cock slid in. "Oh...Oh...I never felt anything like this...It hurts...Take it out!""Just a few more minutes...I promise you it will feel much better...Just try to relax."I pushed again, and the rest of my dick slid in. My balls were laying against her ass."There Baby...I'm all in," I whispered. "I won't move until you're used to it. Does it still hurt?""A little," She said, "Not as much...It feels...Strange...You feel so much bigger than when you were in my pussy...Ohhhh...What are you doing NOW?"I had started to rotate my hips, staying buried in her. The motion changed the angle and I felt her ass relax and loosen."I'm just trying to make it feel better Baby...How're you doing?""Oh...Ohhhh," She moaned softly, "It's...It's starting to...To feel...Better!" She wiggled her butt a little. "Oooooooo...Now it's feeling...different...It's starting to feel GOOD!""It will only get better," I remarked and pulled out slightly, Lolitas High Pthc then pushed back in. I did this a few more times and Charlie's body began to respond."Oh...That...That feels nice...Go slow...Ohhhh...I never thought I would do this...Ooooo...Go a litle faster please."I pumped my dick faster and started taking longer strokes. Charlie was grunting every time my hips slapped against her butt. Her hands on my hips were no longer pushing me away. Instead, they were now guiding my strokes, letting me know how much dick she wanted and how fast and deep she wanted it."Ohhhhh...Ohhhhh...Ummmppf...Ummmppf...Oh Yessss...Jordan...It...It feels...Nice...I LIKE it."Charlie was now pulling me against her on every thrust. Her ass was gripping me every time I pulled out, then she would relax her muscles when I shoved back in. I was fucking her hard and fast. I knew I couldn't last much longer, but I wanted to make her cum in this position, before I gave in to my urges."Oh Yeah, Baby," I grunted, "Your sweet ass feels SO good...Mmmmm...Do you like how my cock feels in your ass now? I want you to cum for me, Baby...Cum for me!""Ummmpph...Oh Yes," She said thickly, "I'm going to cum...I'm so close...Just a...Ummmpph...Oh God...Don't stop...Harder...Do it HARDER Baby...I'm cumming...I'm cumming," Her ass clenched on my dick and her pussy gushed as her orgasm rolled over her. "Oh...Oh...Yes...Yes...Here I come!"I slammed into her one last time as I let my climax take me to the heights of ecstasy. "I'm cumming too Baby," I shouted, "Oh Yessss...I'm Cumming...Mmmmm...Mmmmm...Take it Baby...Take it ALL!"My cum exploded into her tight ass as the emotions that had been building for the past couple of hours culminated in a mind-blowing surge of pleasure. I pumped at least six powerful spurts into her before finally slowing down.When she could not squeeze any more out of my still firm cock, Charlie lowered her legs from over my shoulders and dropped them to rest on each side of my legs. We were gasping for breath as she stared at me with a strange look in her eyes."Are you angry with me now?" I asked."Hell YES I'm angry with you," She replied, sticking her bottom lip out, "You almost KILLED me! WHY didn't you WARN me what you were about to do?" She punched me on the arm, but when I started to pull out of her, she locked her legs around my waist."WHERE do you think you're going? Don't you DARE pull that thing out of me yet!" Charlie said with a vengence."But I Thought...But you just said...," I sputtered."Jordan Bentley!" She scolded You just shoved your big cock in my little virgin ass without warning and fucked me silly until you made me cum. Now that you used me, and abused me...You want to just pull away!"Women! I'll NEVER figure them out. Anyway...I soon forgot what I was about to say when Charlie started rolling her hips. milking my cock and sending hot flashes through my sensitive cock."Ahhhh...Jeez...Ooooo...Now who's killing WHO?" I groaned and tried to meet her gyrations.I leaned down and sucked on her distended nipples making her cry out in pleasure. She put a hand behind my head and mashed her breast against my mouth. I tried to swallow as much of the firm mountain of firm flesh as possible and worried her nipple with tongue and teeth.When we finally exhausted the last of our lust, and my cock softened enough to slip out of her ass, I lay down beside her. Charlie put her head on my chest and rested her hand on my stomach. She turned her head and presented her soft lips for a kiss, which I happily provided.We continued kissing gently and caressing each other as we basked in the afterglow."God, Jordan," She whispered, "I've never meet a man who made me cum so hard... And so many times.""It was all YOUR fault," I replied, "You are the loveliest woman I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. If I had MY way, I would make love to you twenty four hours a day.""Oh YOU," Charlie sighed, "You're SO full of IT...But I LOVE hearing it anyway. You are something special.""I think YOU'RE very special too, Charlie. I really would like to see you again...and again...As often as possible...That is...If YOU think you could put up with me on a fairly regular basis."She kissed me gently and...Looking directly into my eyes, replied, "I'd like that very MUCH Jordan," Then giggling, added..."There's just ONE thing...""Only ONE?" I asked, "What IS it?""If you EVER decided to pull another stunt on me like you just did...You'd better WARN me first...OR ELSE!" She said, smiling."Or else WHAT?" I replied and attacked her ticklish spots with a vengence, sending her into a fit of giggles as she protested."Stop...S...Stop it...My sides are already sore...Don't...That's not fair...You snuck up on me!"We wrestled around laughing and giggling until we were out of breath. We lay there smiling at each other."Well?" Charlie gasped."Well WHAT?" I teased."You KNOW what," she said, "NO more surprises...If you want to try something, I most likely would go for it anyway...I just want a say in decisions that concern US.""I'm Sorry Baby," I said, "Of course...From now on...No surprises."We decided we were famished...Sex has a tendency to do that, and I felt like I must have burned off a couple of thousand calories.Charlie and I hopped into the shower and spent time making sure each other was thoroughly clean...Inside and out.We walked naked back into the Great Room to recover our clothes which were still scattered all over the place.Gerald and Betty were sitting on the sofa looking as exhausted as Charlie and me. They laughed at our state of undress."We were wondering what was going on in there," Gerald teased, "With all the screaming and moaning and groaning, we figured you two were killing each other."We laughed, and Charlie said, "Jordan almost DID kill me...But WHAT a way to die!"Betty grinned and said, "So...WAS I exaggerating about him?""If anything...You held quite a lot BACK from me...He really rang my chimes!I was turning red from all the flattery, but I wasn't about to stop them. Here were two gorgeous sexy women I had been able to make love to, comparing notes."Way to go there Jordan!" Gerald applauded, "I KNEW you had it in you!""Yes," Charlie offered,..."But you wouldn't believe just how MUCH of 'IT' he has...Or at least HAD in him, before he got through with me!"After Charlie and I located all our clothing and dressed, the four of us decided to have dinner at one of the Lolitas High Pthc local resturants. The evening ended with a good meal, wonderful company, and dancing.End Of Part Five. Part Six to follow soon. Comments welcome at
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